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Thread: Do I need another lens or not?

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    Default Re: Do I need another lens or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by SmOcKxY View Post

    Primarily I take pictures of people in indoor/outdoor in low/high light a dinner party at a restaurant or a walk through far the 50mm prime has been working ok for me but i find that it's not wide enuff..if I wanna squeeze 4 persons into the frame I'd hafta be standing further away..and it's definitely not wide enuff for a group shot of maybe for the kit lens it's quite for outdoor pics but indoor pics like in a house or a dim restaurant then it's abit lacking in quality(or like i said it may be my skills)..I do not really need the zoom for my usage.

    So I'm wondering if there is a set of lens that can better suit my usage? Lens like 35mm f2 or 28mm f1.8? or 17-70mm f2.8-4.5? I prolly dun wanna spend so much on new lens..prolly $400-$600?
    Pls post pictures of what you mean by "lacking in quality". It could be that the widest aperture possible is limiting the output, but there are really other factors, and the forefront of these tends to be the user.

    None of the lenses you have suggested will serve the "squeeze 4 people" or "squeeze 20 ppl into frame" points, if you must know.

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    Default Re: Do I need another lens or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by SmOcKxY View Post
    May I ask how much is this lens? Canon or 3rd party?

    I'm thinking now I should keep using the lens I have and then replace the 50mm prime with better prime lens in the future?
    I don't think Canon has a 17-70mm... mine is Nikon mount though... hmmm..I think probably a "better prime" could be a 3rd party 30mm f1.4 since you want a wider, faster lens...

    I am satisfied using the 17-70mm for it's sharpness and min focus distance....smthing that has made me forgot that I wanted to get a 50mm f1.8 for quite a while...

    I think I saw BnS someone selling 17-70mm for 450...
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