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Thread: wats a mini tripod for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickmak
    mini tripod can use to put on a table, that's why sometimes it is called a table-tripod. For A75 any tripod will do...

    how muc does a tripod for powershot digi cam cost ?
    planning to get a tripod 4 my A70

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    Quote Originally Posted by contacted
    The ultrapod II is very appealing because of its velcro, making anything that resembles a rod a tripod...
    hehehe... a tree is considered a monopod or tripod?

    btw i bought 1 ultrapod, den its kinda light, den when u press the shutter, the camera would shake, happen to both A80 & F828, so i think its best to use with a remote control, or use timer, otherwise, try to press down the camera.
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