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Thread: slide film - enlargement

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    Question slide film - enlargement

    I have just developed some slides for this photography class I'm taking. They require that I enlarge a few to A3 size for an exhibition. But the prices they got from a few photo places are quite exhorbitant. They need to scan the slide first ($10 per scan!), then print ($10 or more per print). And this doesn't include touch up costs (ie: remove dust particles, colour correction etc). Then there are a couple other places I checked out myself that can do it for alot less (a few bucks) and the specks of dust are quite obvious when enlarged to that size. If the more expensive places don't do touch ups either, then why the big disparity in price?

    Does anyone have any experiences with this type of processing?

    Are there other places that can do a good job for less? Or can I scan at home and bring it to some place to print? (what size MB is required for this?).

    Any help will be appreciated by this newbie!

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    maybe you can try RGB?


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