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    hi guys. have any of you tried using this trigger?
    the model Canon MX 1C says it works with Pentax istD but does it also work with previous models esp with k-x? I was previously using an IR trigger but sometimes line of sight is an issue for the trigger and the receiver so planning to get radio ones.

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    Best is to go down to the shop to try. AFAIK, if a Canon camera can trigger it, then it should work on Pentax as well.

    A couple of the Pentax Strobists are using the PT-04III triggers though, its not exactly the most reliable trigger out there but its cheap and good!

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    as long as the contact point is on the center there shouldn't be any problems
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    I use it on my k-x. It works

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    Quote Originally Posted by oceanpriest View Post
    I use it on my k-x. It works
    thanks for sharing. ill go and have a try on it then.


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