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Thread: Used Paypal before?

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    Default Used Paypal before?

    Have you paid money or received money through Paypal before? I'm quite confused as to how it works, especially for people like me who live in Singapore. Anyone has used the service before?

    Any other suggestions how to get someone to pay u via credit card on the net?

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    yup, and have US$100 stuck inside. Ok, I am a Malaysian using MY credit card...they just refuse to let me use the $$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kho King
    yup, and have US$100 stuck inside. Ok, I am a Malaysian using MY credit card...they just refuse to let me use the $$$
    'stuck' inside? How will u ever get it out? Where does the money go when you click on 'request money' ?

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    To pay... unless you already have money in yr Paypal account, you'll need to have a valid credit card so paypal charges your credit card account to pay the other party.

    To receive money, you can transfer money from paypal account to your Singapore bank account. Call up yr bank to ask for bank code n branch code and key into yr paypal Profile. The currency conversion rate will be determined by Paypal and there will be a S$1 charge.

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    I've used Paypal for quite a number of transactions before (not limited to Ebay). I link it to my bank account (through a debit card), and all my transactions have been very smooth so far. Basically you transfer money from your credit card/bank account to your Paypal account, which is then transfered to your seller/buyer's bank/credit account.

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    It's quite simple and easy,so far no problem encountered.
    u need a credit/debit card to start 1st,for paypal to verify ur account,they will charge a US$1.95 to ur card which will be reimbursed to ur account once start transfering fund.
    on ur bank statement where the US$1.95 transaction is,there will be a 4 digit number,just log on to paypal and key in this 4 number to complete ur verification process and everything is done.Simple.
    Usually have to wait ard 3-4 working days for the transaction to reflect on the online statement if u have any,or u have to wait till the end of the month when the bank send u the statement.

    i use it to pay for all my Ebay transactions,very happy with the service,and u get some sort of Fraud protection when u pay Ebay items thru paypal as well


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