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Thread: Recommendations for online photo hosting?

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    Default Recommendations for online photo hosting?

    Hi people,

    I'm a newbie to photography and hope you can help me a bit with this...

    I used to use to host my pictures, but now they charge quite a bit, so I no longer use them...

    Normally where do you all store your photos? Any good websites to recommend?

    Hopefully there are websites that allow unlimited photos and bulk uploading... any idea?


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    Nothing is free in this world.

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    Here are a few options:

    Not a bad site and has several stylesheets to choose from but loading takes quite a while. You get 250mb worth of hosting space. Pretty good for a free site.

    Quite good as well. Stylesheets are clean and images load easily. You however get only 10mb worth of hosting space.

    Also check out other free image hosting sites:

    Sony Imagestation

    Ofoto by Kodak

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes, some things are indeed free... wanna host on my site? just drop me a mail. unlimited.
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