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Thread: how do you ensure correct flash exposure during events?

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    Default how do you ensure correct flash exposure during events?

    Hoping to get some tips here.

    When taking photos, our camera get fooled where there is a large patch of white or black in the picture. Normally, I would use FE lock to meter off a more "balanced" scene and then recompose the shot.

    But what do you do when time is of the essence, like during events and wedding? And how about group photographs? the low burst from the flash when depressing the FE lock usually distracts the people into thinking that the photo is already taken.

    How do you usually ensure the correct exposure? ^_^~ thanks

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    use experience:

    largely "dark" subject -> use -1nhalf stop flash exposure compensation

    no one setting works for all subjects. u have to adjust flash exposure compensation according to the predominant amount of darkess or brightness u come across in the scene.

    there is no time to use FEL for non-moving subjects. ie, dont bother to use FEL for moving when u see a movign subject, on the spot u must decide how much flash exosure compensation to use already.

    either u tell them got preflash, or dont use FE lock at all ;-)

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    I think it boils down to experience and how fast can you access how much exposure compensation to dial in after reviewing it. I am not sure how good is my Nikon gear + flash compared to others, but so far pretty good for weddings where you get the bride wearing white and gloom wearing black. I set it to fill mode and camera in Matrix and let the system do the rest, which is pretty accurate. Actually, so far i have not even gotten a bad shot like totally blown overexposure. Else use spot for tricky situations to confirm, but usually matrix.
    Usually i just look at flashing highlights, not much blinking or blinking at the important areas (eg facial hotspots, gown), slight underexposure of ard 1/2 stop is no big deal at all.
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    thanks guys

    I guess the EC will definately help. Still playing around with it. As for FC, my stubbie finders not nimble to change them on the fly... hee hee.
    Guess I will just play around with the EC for now.

    Thanks clive and 2100.


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