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    As you can see from my signature, I have a D90 kit and a AF 50mm f1.4D. I got my 50mm from HK, and had been very satisfied with its bokeh and sharpness.

    Recently, I have been getting more and more impatient with it. I know I should not be doing this, but I'm beginning to use the 50mm more and more for macro shots of my girlfriend's bakes. As a result, my 50mm tends to hunt alot especially when i try to take shots that are close up and macro in nature.

    I wonder if I should take up a 60mm micro instead and give up my 50mm, since both lenses seem to occupy similar focal length. In addition, I'm thinking of using either a 24mm, 28mm or 35mm instead to complement the 60mm micro. Yet, I'm feeling emotionally attached to my 50mm for the wonderful night shots that it can give me without the use of a tripod. Good low light capability was what made me pick D90 in the first place.

    Hence, I hope fellow forumers with more experience in this area can give me some advice on what possibilities I can have with regards to my lens set up.
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    If AF hunting is the issue, switch to manual focus. Cakes and cookies are static, so manual focus is no issue at all.

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    in that case, get a 105mm macro or tamron 90mm macro. u get the longer focal length yet able to keep your 50mm

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    not able to focus maybe due to low contrast of the subject or u r shooting within the closest focus range which is 0.45m for this lens.

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    woooo, 105mm macro sounds like a good idea. will consider, thanks.
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    Try to shoot at the minimum distance between your lens and subject. When too close, it hunts becos it cannot detect your focus distance. Or when there is not enough light, it will also hunt when it can't detect contrast. Try add flash or add light to your subject, it will help very much.


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