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Thread: Super by Leslie Kee

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    Personally, i very much prefer Werk Mag then Super Mag. Super mag is flooded with plenty of Advertisement/Sponsors pages. Which i think commercial-wise it beneficial for the latter, but not much for readers who anticipates visual indulgences.

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    that's a really funny thing to say because a lot of the advertisements in Super actually have superb photography. and alot of photography is for commercial and advertising purposes.

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    SUPER is actually more fashion/editorial based with a little touch of leslie's photojournalism pics, whereas WERK is more experimental..both having different readership.

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    True indeed, i agree with you that Photography are widely distributed to public through commercial advertising forms. But if Super mag is a "journal" of Leslie Kee's or other contributers, i feel it should be focus on that direction. As paying that amount of money flipping thru endless ad pages, is like me flipping thru a free copy of yellow pages directory.

    I enjoy looking at Leslie Kee's works, don't get me wrong. But i just feel heart-pained, to fork out money for those other ad pages. Which somehow or rather, defeats the purpose.

    I'm not a photographer. Just a reader who enjoys photography and its vast ever changing visuals. Looking at new, young, aspiring photographers' contributions to the Art field, especially by our locals makes me feel darn good. I'm anticipating in seeing works done by the 6 new up-coming young photographers that JC mentioned above!

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    well a lot of the work in Super is editorial and commercial work of Leslie Kee, correct me if I'm wrong

    to tell you the truth i'm always tempted to fork out money just to get some succulent commercial pictures. the current Prada, Dior and Gucci ones for instant.drooool. I'm a commercial slut who believes that great pictures are great pictures even if there's a giant label on the page, forgive me.
    anyway the ad pages in Super are closer to the back. it would irk me much more if it was badly laid out like Vogue or *gasp* Her World

    WERK is really expensive though! thank god there's an open copy in HMV.

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    o perfer Wrek, yes for $70, its very expensive, there is a open adidias issue at pacific plaza as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belle&Sebastain
    o perfer Wrek, yes for $70, its very expensive, there is a open adidias issue at pacific plaza as well.
    i thought it was $49 at Tangs.

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    anyone knows where i can still get a copy of leslie kee's SUPER?

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    Urmm, i think you can get them at Kinokuniya, Ngee Ann City. Anyone seen WERK magazine? Have they stop publishing? Haven't seen Werk around for quite a while.

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