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    I intent to get a S95 and was checking out the prices. I got $599 from Ms Colour and Cathay Photos. But there is this Shop at Lucky Plaza which offer me at $550. I had hear much negative comment on shops at lucky plaza.

    I wish to have some advise thanks.

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    Bro, Lucky PlaZa export set lah.

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    WOO what is the difference?

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    Simple. No local waranty. But still can be repaired by CSC, but at a cost. That's why is cheaper. You should go back to MS or CP or 3:16 or or , for a peace of mind. Or else you can not sleep and resale value sucks !

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    And chances are good that the sales man in Lucky Plaza will try to sell additional stuffs, e.g. funky wide angle image degrading filters and other stuffs.

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    Some shops remove the original parts (e.g. battery) and replace or even sell you a third party one. Better to patronize a reputable shop than a tourist shop.


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