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Thread: just a crazy idea... CS coffee-table book?

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    Default just a crazy idea... CS coffee-table book?

    eh... i wonder if i'll kenna for this... but i was wondering, since we have so many nice pics being posted by Csers, and our Mods have been collecting great pics for 'photo of the year' under the various categories, izit possible to compile them into a coffee-table book, or some form of pictorial publication (calenders etc)? i know the costs are quite prohibitive. but, would be a great idea..., i hope?

    just a thot on a slow monday morning...
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    hmm your idea i think quite feasible, like those table calendars, every year same kind... flower, landscape, product... worst is those sexy voluptus kind... but if CS actually collect nice photos & make into table calendar & sell.... not bad idea hor...
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