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Thread: Any go the PC2002 show?

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    Default Any go the PC2002 show?

    How is it anyone went already?

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    check it out here......

    lotsa pics and prices provided.....go down and grab something which catches your attention.....

    some of the deals which i feel is good..

    Microsoft Optical mouse $24 for 2 buttons , $38 for 5 buttons version.
    40X TDK CDRW for $139 only.
    Imation 32X cdrw + printer for $188.....
    Canon Digicam A100 + S300 printer for $399
    wireless keyboard n mouse for $49 and optical mouse for $19
    and many more...

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    Walked around for 1hr plus , only some interesting areas.

    (a) The TDK CDRW promotion by Videopro
    (b) I managed to buy the Chinese Mahjong game@$10 the one with wu zhong xian...
    (c) If you are interested in a A3 printer, check out Epson's counter with the pre-launch Epson 2100, it's a A3 pigment ink printer that has 7 individual ink tanks similar to the Canon Ink Tank system and is to rival the new Canon S9000. This printer has been getting rave reviews. I did asked for a test print and the output were great. The Epson folks at the counter did not want to reveal the estimated price, or whether it's little brother the A4 printer Epson photo 950 is to be launched here also....


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