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Thread: enlisting veri soon.. wat to bring? any tips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxtwo
    U can consider buying a pair of cheap black gloves. Just to protect the palm & knuckles. Might be useful for SOC (if ur coy allows using gloves) but DEFINITELY useful during field camp, trench digging, fire movement. Oh yah, U look too. Heh~
    E-mart got sell, but low quality type. Shrinks & the dye runs after contact with water.
    IF you are getting a pair of gloves, don't ever buy nike brand. The instructors will tell you to just do it and don't complain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clizeer
    IF you are getting a pair of gloves, don't ever buy nike brand. The instructors will tell you to just do it and don't complain.

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    Well, to recap some of the stuff menioned earlier by other members:

    Small Lock - Not sure what the bunks look like these days but we sure had to bring our own lock for our personal locker. Trust me, guys over there steal anything and they will. And get a good one even if it's small. Rule of thumb is, try not to bring something too valuable.

    Black Tape (Electrical) - Multipurpose. Use it to gaff your army equipment, very useful.

    Small Torch/Swiss Army Knife - Enough said.

    Permanent markers - You need them to personalise a lot of your equipment.

    Food (Dry) - If you get hungry around the clock like me no matter how much they feed you, then you better stock up on some biscuits, energy bars or anything dry and non-messy. You probably wouldn't want the SAF dry rations.

    Light medication - Always useful. You never know when you're gonna get fever or diahrrea in the middle of the night or during training. Some panadols, anti-purging pills, lozenges...even plasters and ointment for minor cuts and bruises will always come in handy. I know there's a medical centre available but trust me, you wouldn't want to be queuing up for those things.

    In general, I would bring a little of things that are useful to you. From experience, the things I usually wanted to get were often out of stock.

    Good luck!

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    actually SAF combat ration is quite delicious leh

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    actually SAF combat ration is quite delicious leh
    they taste better heated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxtwo
    they taste better heated.
    after a hard day of navex in brunei with only one meal a day... haha...

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    Dug out from my hard disk, from 15th Oct 2000...

    GIVEN 01 Running shoes, running shorts (provided)
    02 Slippers
    03 Toothbrush & toothpaste
    04 Soap, shampoo
    05 T-shirt, singlets, shirts, pants
    GIVEN 06 Swimming trunks, goggles, noseclip
    07 Underwear
    08 AA batteries (a lot of them) & AAA batts (if have pager)
    GIVEN 09 Socks (nah - provided)
    GIVEN 10 Toilet paper (provided, but depends on your output hehe)
    11 Bathing towel
    12 Trashbags, Ziploc bags
    13 Jacket
    GIVEN 14 First Aid dressing
    15 Washing soap, brush
    GIVEN 16 Sewing kit, safety pins
    17 Earplugs (the more the merrier)
    18 Shaver (a must - preferably battery operated)
    19 Gloves (construction type, thick, probably additional cutoff type)
    20 Writing material (pens especially)
    21 Padlock (small sized, enough to lock wardrobe)
    GIVEN 22 Kiwi Black & brush (provided)
    GIVEN 23 Foot powder (provided)
    24 Torchlight (maglight highly advised)
    GIVEN 25 Black strings (for "dog tag")
    26 Comskote (get at least one spool)
    27 Black duct tape (the more the merrier - max 3)
    GIVEN 28 Gutters/Garters (2 more pairs just in case of loss)
    29 Hangers (5)
    30 Clothspegs (wooden ones - meant for field camp)
    31 Sulphur (kiasee - snakes!)
    GIVEN 32 Grange cloth (used to clean rifle & polish boots)
    GIVEN 33 Insect repellent (the SAF type - no aerosol ALLOWED!)

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