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Thread: Amazing location but where?

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    Default Amazing location but where?

    Hello everyone...

    I was wondering if anyone know's where's this location?

    Canon going nikon way...

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    punggol has similar landscape to this ... the undeveloped land beyond matilda house.. not sure if it's still there...
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    Default Re: Amazing location but where?

    punggol. near punggol beach.
    not sure if it is still accessible though.

    take bus 82 from Serangoon Bus Interchange or from outside Punggol MRT Station all the way till the final stop.

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    Sembawang beach also has some tall lalang vegetation, its located at the extreme right end. It might be a bit tricky to move across the slopes though. Not sure if its still there now but worth a look if you stay around that area.
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    Thanks alot people.. thank you so much =)
    Canon going nikon way...


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