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Thread: Virus on xD card?

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    Default Virus on xD card?

    Brought a xD card to a neighbourhood kodak shop in Jurong East to develop the photos, but the sales gal said my card got virus and cant access the pics.
    Does such a case occur i.e. virus in xD card or any other memory media or is the gal bluffing me? If got virus does reformatting the card help?
    Thanks you for the advise in advance.

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    Default don't think is virus

    what brand you using fuji or olympus. mine olympus. have the same problem some time back. tey say that the x D card is a very sensitive device. not all card reader can use. some card reader when you put inside. the card reader format different from the xD card so corruption will happen. even you format from the camera. bad sectors will still be there. the only solution is to bring to olympus care center to use their machine to reformat the xD card. don't bring the card to photo shop to develop. use your camera to tranfer you picture to computer and maybe burn it into CD.

    hope this can help you.


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