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Thread: New fella needs some comments

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    Default New fella needs some comments

    Hey there...New to both photography and clubsnap....been taking some pictures here and there with my canon A70..not getting alot of well...good pictures... however, could you guys give me your comments on the pictures that I've taken?

    Four of em to be more exact

    btw..does anyone know why the quality looks so diminished? the pics are okay on my com...but when i post em....
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    i tink the diminishing is because when u upload it...they tend to scale down a little on webshots......

    some of the pictures dun look too sharp .... but i like the idea in the acs time one....

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    thanks..i'm new to photography...are there any photographers out there using the canon a70 who are willing to provide some tips?

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    Ah Fellow ACSian...

    For me when i use the A70, i turn off the AiAF... cos i find it quite irritating...

    Other than that, i think the reciprocal rule is a bit off the the A70... cos its a bit small, its better to err on the side of caution and underexpose the pic by setting 1 or 2 stops in terms of your shutter value...

    But thats just me... my hand holding technique cannot make it... must practise more...

    Yep my 2cents worth


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