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Thread: Need recommendations in upgrading to P4, CPU + motherboard + RAM + HDD

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    Default Need recommendations in upgrading to P4, CPU + motherboard + RAM + HDD

    As above,
    i need:

    1. P4 CPU
    2. Motherboard
    3. RAM (if necessary)
    4. Harddisk.

    WHAT I DO: Lotsa photographic, graphic (photoshop) stuffs. Dealing with huge picture sizes, and i click things in photoshop very fast, i don't like to wait. and i DON'T play games.

    Currently i have a 512mb + 256mb PC2100 RAM.

    I don't need top notch CPU RAW speed. a 2.4ghz suffice. I do alot of multitasking, so is a HT (hyperthreading) a MUST for me?

    if i intend to keep these RAMs and buy a new P4 CPU and Motherboard, which one CPU+mobo combo should i get? or should i get those PC3200 RAMs? I need to know what's the performance in graphic and multitasking can i get.

    For motherboard, i need one that can allow me to plug in lotsa devices.. 2 HDDs, 1 CD-ROM, 1 DVD-RW.

    Harddisk should be relatively fast and STABLE is the top priority. Probably a SATA should be sufficient for me?

    Any suggestions? Please throw them in
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    nowadays alot of the parts all vgd already...just get either the best or 1 step down from the best can already.

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    no some motherboard tends to be quite unstable. i've used motherboards that lasted few years, and some lasted merely a few months or even weeks.

    and some motherboards are more prone to hardware conflicts, and some no..

    So i need to get recommendations from people..

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    Let me tell you what you really need Daniel!

    What you need is 1) this

    2) and this!

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    In case you think I'm kidding, I'm not! (okay apart from the 30inch display :P)

    Since you don't play games, heck, the Mac rocks for what you want. Forget Windows!

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    Asus motherboard is quite gd. but a bit using it..hehe..
    or u can go hwz n read lor..usually what their recommendation will be ok either can take what they recommend or go 1 step down will be more or less right already...or if u really get mixed user reports about the various brands..then..just get those parts from those "big-sounding" names lor


    -p4 2.4 ghz . mostly nowadays they will coax u to get HT

    -asus..the latest or 1 step down motherboard. definitely can enable u to plug in alot of devides one. one thing u got to check is if u want/need IEEE1394 connection some motherboard dont have it, others have

    -ram: kingston 1gb. will leave u worry free until many years later

    -HDD: 2x western digital 80 gb for a start shld sound ok? can always expand later one

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    You got 768MB of PC2100 RAM, can use it back on your new motherboard good enough liao ..

    I used only 512MB PC2700 RAM ...
    AMPA * WPPI * J team

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    You may want to provide a budget.

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    yes, buy a mac

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    dont quite understand...whats the objective advantage of mac over P4?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    dont quite understand...whats the objective advantage of mac over P4?
    its more easy to use..

    The design is better (hardware and software)

    Performance is better.

    I heard that they don't hang. Rock stable.

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    Hi behyx,

    You may want to give us a budget?

    Since we are into photography, graphics card may be another factor to consider...
    The latest motherboard supporting PCI Express 16x may not be what you are looking for at the moment... since the graphics drivers are not really optimised yet... and u have stated in your post that u do not play games...

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    dont quite understand...whats the objective advantage of mac over P4?
    u wouldn't want to curse M$ when u are editing a photo halfway and the os crashes
    not that mac os x don't crash, but since it's unix based, it crashes far far lesser

    the colours on a mac is better

    there is a reason why "Over 70% of graphic/publishing houses/designers in Singapore and around the world choose Mac"

    that sounds suspiciously like the canon ad...

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    ok thanks guys... especially Baa, i don't mind getting the 30" and mac G5 (correct?)... if u sponser me..

    anyway, i don't have a budget in mind, but it must be as low as possible to get the stability i want.. (eg: don't ask me to spend alot to get a unix server to do my work just to get the stability...)

    a 2.4 or 2.8ghz processor will be enough for me.

    for the RAM part, i'm really not sure where i can see the improve performance if i use PC3200 rather than my current PC2100.. if the improvement only improve game play, i can forget about upgrading the RAM. u guys get what i mean?

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    what abt laptop?
    ibook starts at 2k

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    Quote Originally Posted by zodnm
    what abt laptop?
    ibook starts at 2k
    No! ibook screen too small. i'm used to 19" CRT.

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    Behind the viewfinder...


    get a 15" powerbook and link it to the 30" mac display

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    Quote Originally Posted by SniperD
    get a 15" powerbook and link it to the 30" mac display
    that is eh, useless post leh.. hehee

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    link an ibook to ur current crt loh

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    macs do crash just like pc. but the difference is even if u need to clean install the os, most mac apps dont need to be reinstalled. so you will be 90% up and running after installation. btw microsoft office installation on mac is a simple matter of drag and drop.

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