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Thread: Crop and Editing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noir
    Use the rectangular selection tool set at a fixed aspect ratio of 2:3 / 3:2 (depending on orientation of the photo) to select the part of the original picture and use the crop command under the Image pulldown menu. Using the Crop tool at on the side bar will usually result in the selection being resized.
    aiyo... good tips heh. I always use the crop tool from the side panel.
    Your method seems works better

    Thanks thanks!
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    now there it no draw
    crop then edit ...
    some auto-level / contrast works better generally when superfluous area are being crop off

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    I always crop first, usually to a 2:3/3:2 format unless it really doesn't lend itself to the picture - then might have to go panoramic or something!

    It seems no point leveling when you have 'superfluous' pixels involved - think someone said this already.

    And always 'usm' at the end.

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