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Thread: which cam to buy???

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    Unhappy which cam to buy???

    interested in getting a digi
    saw these 3 models at PC show 2day
    pls comment on which is the best buy...

    Epson photoPC3100z vs fuji2800z vs A40
    all three being offered bout $600
    the epson is touted as 5mega pixel actual 3.2, bundled wif printer...
    fuji 2.0 but many free gifts(64M + dry box)
    the A40 at 599 same as shop

    which is the best buy????

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    wah u come here to ask also ah

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    dun believe the 5mp bs..... take it at 3.2 mp only. Depends on ur budget. If urs is below 600, u might be better off with the epson. the nite capabilities of the fuji cam aint that gd so i'll give that a miss. Dun know abt the epson one tho. U got to go read some reviews to verify. The canon's a gd buy but provided u are willing to spend more to get the cf card, batts and wat have yous......

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    The Epson has a 2.0 lens and a minimum shutter speed of 8 secs. Enough to do night shots. I was reading on the net, some claim that it's a Carl Zeiss lens although it is not shown anywhere on the camera. So, not sure.

    I think the price is $699 with printer promo.

    There are some nice things which I like on the Epson:
    1. Aperture and shutter priority
    2. Comes with 49mm lens adapter
    3. Hotshoe for external flash
    4. Built-in speaker so can hear audio when playback video clips
    5. Can add voice notes to all pics taken

    Things I don't like on the Epson:
    1. Slow processing especially on video clips
    2. No automatic lens cap - has a "manual" lens cap

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    Originally posted by superhero
    wah u come here to ask also ah
    get more opinion mah...
    ex purchase leh...
    must do more research first...


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