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    They printed my shots and show it to everyone who compliments my work but both of them and a few others who just happens not to have a favourable view of me using a 4/3 system, passed a remark "oh its photoshopped, that's why nice. "How do all of you tolerate all this nonsense?

    -- i m new in this, just want to share my view, what wrong with 4/3 system ? to me it take just great picture as in other dslr camera, one of my friend who judge photo contest will say a good photo does not tell u if is taken with a cannon mark 1 or a cannon g12

    The only reason i charge cheap is because i always have this fear of being unable to deliver.

    -- u need to move out of this fear, i m sure u r pleased with your shot, i m in sales line, yes i sellcheap too but at time i have learned that ,i if u r good there will be market base for u

    --skill n knowledge makes a good shot,equipment only aids to bring it to further level

    -- if u had a shot of michael jackson taking a peep on iphone camera, with a bit of blur and shake, the whole world will not ask u what camera u use, what lens u use,they will ask u how much u want to sell the picture
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