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    thanks for all the welcome bros n sis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chester8686 View Post
    hi all Shifu and Shijie,

    totally new to photography which i picked up only in Dec'10 by accident as it was my wife that had the interest and bugged me to get a camera initially. but now, seems like i'm the 1 holding onto the camera more.

    currently using Nikon D3100 on std lens and after shooting for less than 1 month, realised that 55mm is really insufficient; my subject is always too small. Now looking at Nikkor 55-300mm VR lens retailing ard 500+, the sales guy mentioned that it's quite a new model, just wondering if there's any postive review of this lens?

    currently just playing around with the shutter speed, iso and shooting in P mode before i venture into Aperture and other more skillful setting.

    i have a dry box but understand that the silica needs to be microwaved to "dry" it before I can start using. Best part, i only have oven and no microwave at home, can i use oven or other way to "dry" the silica?

    should be moving into dry cabinet at a later stage but still reading more abt it as i understand that digital display does not equate to digital setting.
    Welcome to CS. ^^

    You are encourage to read more online, and join some newbie outings under the Outings subforum.

    As for your Silicon.. one way is to put it under the hot sun during the afternoon. It will be very troublesome to repeat the same step over and over again thus it would be better if you can buy a dry cabinet to do the job though it might waste some of your electricity, its still worth the cost to buy a good one.

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    Thanks Skylover for your unselfishness sharing of tips given.

    Bought the 55-300mm lens yesterday, 60l dry cabinet will be delivered today.

    Tried fiddling with the new lens, my dad was chatting with his neighbour at the 5th storey multi-storey carpark and i shot from my 18th fl with low lighting, they still seems a little small. Hahaha....

    But 1 think for sure, the hand must be super stable, else image will be blur. Maybe time for workout again to transform the fats to muscle. kekeke...

    But photography is also like poison, very addictive.. But I'm lovin it!
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