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Thread: Why notebook computers so cheap?

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    That's certainly part of it. The graphics hardware is the other part.

    Most people are so set on a big display, they don't notice that the pixel density is low and the graphics hardware is unable to display 3D or video with any decent throughput.

    A lot of LCDs just don't have the colour gamut to display 24-bit images correctly, let alone 48-bit images. Of course, most people making their money at graphics work should be buying monitors that cost as much as their laptop computer to ensure colour fidelity, yes?
    Thus I think desktop still better.

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    Default Re: Why notebook computers so cheap?

    But seriously the trend doesn't only apply to laptops. Desktops and parts are also getting cheaper. Rams are getting cheaper, Videocards are too. Several years back, a piece of top end video card would cost almost $1000, but now its just slightly more that 1/2 that price. Most people can afford to run a 2 videocard configuration if not 4. Its the refinement of the manufacturing processes that gives the products a big price cut. Laptops are just one of those products.
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