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    Lightbulb city or rural

    sg itself is considered a city state

    for one, i live near the "city area" of this city state. if i want to do a 10km run, i can just run 5km to esplanade durian, enjoy soem riverside wind and run 5km back home. ever since primary school days my father brought me about "town" and taught me to recognise road directions and "city" landmarks. if i want to go orchard, just a 15min bus ride does the trick. want to go east coast/marine parade..half an hour will do. want to go bukit timah/clemanti/nus/west; 45min will do. wanto go toa payoh/bishan/yishun...half and hour will do. wanto go peninsular plaza/padang/ most half n hour. the list goes on.

    ie all my life i've been conditioned as a "cityperson" my subconscious identity lies with being a part of this thing called the "city". when i do street shooting , i either go to orchard road or raffles place mrt area coz those 2 places "look and feel most like the city". if u suddenly ask me to go n live in say woodlands or tampines or choa chukang..i will puke n surrender coz these places just feel "too far away" and "too un-city-like" but if u ask me to suddenly go n live at places like say "bayside view" or "river walk view" or soem of those apartments at clark quay/boat quay or those apartments near orchard road, i'll be the first one to go there the thign is..somehow i just cant accept the idea of anything places "not from the city". i find it very difficult to go to, to feel, to stay at and experience places that are "not part of the city". and last time since 1996 on channel 8 they had this variety tv show <citybeat>. [城人杂志] hosted by kim ng. and that was a real good show

    which is why during my 2004 june jp dream trip, i was all the way in tokyo. it is one of the funkiest, coolest and snazziest cities that one can ever be at. and which is why if i can ever go on tour again, no matter what country i go to, i will head straight for the most "city-like" part of it.

    do u ever have this same feeling? are u a "city-person"?

    or r u a "rural-person"? one that dislikes the city? that prefers the typical "green pastures with grazing sheep n snow capped mountains in the backgrd"?...

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    i'm a RURAL person!

    When i go to a country, i'll want to see and feel how the lifestyle of the locals is like. That means minger with them, talk to them, shoot around the premise, of their daily activities.

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    for me....anything long as its something diff....

    yup...anyway enjoyed my time in japan....haha both rural(kitago) and city.....there's excitement everywhere....diff ppl to meet.. way of life and customs...

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    in the case of sg, i would prefer central/eastern side of sg simply cos i spent me life living in the vicinity of such areas. i dun mind being anywhere so long as where i am gets me to where i wanna be fast.

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    I gotta say that im in two minds..=)

    I like the rural area as a person.. as in its nice and quiet and refreshing...

    But as a photo person, i would rather shoot the city... cos there are more ppl and social statements there waiting to be put on film or in memory card haha

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    Personally I'll prefer the countryside.

    Went to Japan and found dat the big city areas are not really to my liking. No doubt buying food (especially lunch and dinner) are more convinent, its still a little noisy for my liking.

    Ppl in the countryside are more simple, do their own stuff slowly and appreciate mother nature. I swear I din see a single piece of litter on the ground when I was in the countryside.


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