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    I dont know if this is the right place to post and ask this.

    Where is a good place to develop your photos? Where can i find a professional photo printer place to develop at any size and great quality photos?

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    How large do you need?
    I have a Canon A2 printer.
    Send me a PM.

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    i want to print a pano photo that probably 2-3meters long... And i don't want to use home use printer, as the color only using 3 colors + 1-2 black ink. i want those professional use type that has probably 12 colors, so that the colors are correctly calibrate to the photo and also the machine can print the size i am looking for.

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    You can try Sunshine plaza, there are many shops doing printing there. They print poster sizes up to A0 and they are also capable of printing on banners of lengths up till several metres. Not sure what kinda ink they use but its worth a check. Good luck
    Nikon D200/D700/D800 User :)

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    Yes sunshine plaza is good place for large printing and the price is good too.

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    but i really doubt you'll get anything more than 6 colours there... and the paper isn't exactly fanastic.

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    why do you assume you'll get proper color reproduction with 12 inks?
    12 inks are a hell to profile, and without a proper profile, getting accurate colors are not possible.
    then again, unless you're talking about pantone colors with absolute spectral values, there's no such thing as an accurate color.


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