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Thread: Processing Camera Raw files

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    Default Processing Camera Raw files

    After spending half a day trying to understand Adobe writeups on processing raw files I came to naught hence in desperation seek help here even though some CSers would think I should do this else where.
    The essence is that I cannot open NEF file in Photoshop (CS4) even after installing the updated plugins. This happens after I changed laptop which runs Win 7, no problem when I was using XP. The camera raw version I have with my CS4 is ver 5.00178. Anyone had experienced this problem and found the solution? Appreciate your kind advice.
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    Default Re: Processing Camera Raw files

    The last ACR for CS4 is 5.7. I am not sure whether V5.0 can open D90 raw files. As it sounds like you have not used ACR with CS4, then it may be worth updating your ACR to find out whether it is an ACR version issue.

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    Otherwise use the software that came with the D90.

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    1.) Download the Adobe Raw Converter and convert your .NEF to the universal .DNEG raw format.
    2.) Open said .DNEG in CS4.


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