I (actually my wife, because I couldn't go this trip) just got my Canon Powershot S1 IS in Singapore. The sales guy also sold her the Canon lens hood and adapter ring, plus a "wide angle lens" and UV filter. Obviously, I can't go back to him to ask this.

The lens has 2 elements, a MACRO and a WIDE ANGLE. The Macro fits the Canon adapter ring (52mm) but the Wide Angle only fits the Macro lens. It is 53mm.

The markings on the Wide Angle are "GroBartig Diglaf Superwide 0.5X Professional Design Germany" and on the Macro lens, only "MACRO". I can find no reference to this lens on the web, which is how I found this site.

The problems is; if the Macro lens is screwed into the Canon adapter ring, the camera lens contacts the Macro lens (in full optical zoom only) and shuts down the camera. If I put the UV filter on the adapter ring and then screw in the Macro lens I can zoom with no problem. I have been told not to use the Macro with the Wide Angle. So far, the few shots I've taken seem OK.

My quandry is; I cannot attach the Wide Angle to the camera or adapter ring without using the Macro lens. I also cannot use the zoom (in wide angle) unless I use the filter. Some may find this strange, but in scenery shooting I rapidly go between Wide Angle and full zoom all the time. The S1 IS's 10X-opt+3.2X-Dig zoom make this a neat feature.

My questions are:
1) can I use the Macro in combo with the Wide Angle? Does it cause any problems?
2) Does it matter if the UV Filter is also used between the camera and the Macro/Wide Angle? How about indoors?
3) Should I buy a 52mm-53mm adapter ring so the Wide Angle will fit the camera without using either the Macro lens or the filter?