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Thread: unwarranted comment from seller? seeking opinions

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    Default unwarranted comment from seller? seeking opinions

    Hi all

    Not really defending myself, just wanted clarifications from Clubsnap members on the following:

    I offered to buy the Hasselblad System at $1200 at this thread:

    by saying this in a PM:
    Hi will take at ur asking price if there are no problems with the camera. HP:XXXXXXXX

    to which I got these string of replies

    seller(6/7 10:07): Hello, I have several offers for the 500c, if you wish to counteroffer do let me know otherwise I will go by the order of reply, thank you.
    Me (6/7 10:10): Current offers?
    seller (6/7 10:09): At my current price
    Me (6/7 10:12): order of reply then its ok thx
    seller (6/7 17:58): Hi there, current bid for 500c stands at 1350, will close if you offer 1400
    Me (6/7 18:00): Its ok i'll pass thanks!
    +seller (6/7 18:00): Ok, thanks

    next thing I know, I get hit with this in the thread:
    "Thank you for your warm response, I have found a new owner who can take care of me.

    If I had inadvertably inflated the bid, it was not my intention. My apologies to those whom I pm and SMS. No thank to Surfs for being insincere in bidding."

    Well from my perspective I offered what I could afford and knew that it's a matter of 1st come 1st serve. I know it's a good deal but seriously, does one counter offer at higher than RP? Esp when its above his budget?

    Just wanted to clarify and seek opinions on whether I'm wrong. If so then I apologise for this inadvertent slight to Klo. If not then I would like to implore people not to make these kind of comments publicly without providing ppl with a bkgrd of the happenings.....not very nice

    So guys what dya think???

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    Seller is definitely in the wrong. You bid at his RP and willing to go by the order of bid. What else can he asks for?

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    Question It sooo weird...

    ... Its really soo weird.

    If your story is right, I cant seem to think why Klo would say that? Is it a matter of miscomm.?

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    Default haha

    been dealing on this forum for a while and never happened to me be4
    this is weird to me.....all communications b/w him and me is as above....
    no phone calls or anything else b/w us.....thot it's some weird code of seeling and buying that I missed out on:P

    oh well........

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    we are only hearing one side of the be fair, we have to hear from klo as well.
    you can buy better gear but you can't buy a better eye

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    Default Yeps.

    Yeps we should, I want to hear it too, prevents one from making the same mistake again (if there's one).

    Klo, pls convince me.......thanks!

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    seller has apologized in the thread...c*ck eye under pressure

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    looks like auctioning may be a better choice this round.

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    Default :)

    Thanks Klo. No bad feelings, just wanted to clarify


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