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Thread: photographing view finder display ........

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    Default photographing view finder display ........

    I have seen people able to take a picture on camera view finder display. I have tried mwny methods with my macro lenses but just cannot do it.

    Can somebody enlightens me how to go about doing it?
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    Default Re: photographing view finder display ........

    I don't know if this is the best way, but this was taken with a compact camera handheld right up against the DSLR viewfinder.

    A couple of things to consider:
    - when viewed through the viewfinder optics, the focusing screen is at a optical distance of ard 1m (IIRC), so you probably don't need macro. Actual optical distance can be varied with the diopter adjustment
    - the exit pupil of the viewfinder is pretty small, so I don't think a large aperture lens on an APS-C or larger cam would be an advantage. I can't really test this, cause I only have 1 DSLR handy.

    Hope this helps


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