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Thread: Hi, Newbie here

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    Welcome to CS (:
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    Hi, Thanks for the budget is around 600-800 for a start

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnsQ View Post
    Hi and welcome to CS spaceman51

    The Nikon L110 looks good, except that it has no manual overrides, which means you will not get to play with aperture- or shutter speed priority modes when you are ready to advance further.

    I guess it is alright if you want to use the predetermined scene modes and let the camera decide the settings for you.

    Playing with the 10x zoom and learning how to compose your photos are just as important
    Thank you AnsQ. I guess I will be looking at some prosumer cameras and doing more research before getting the camera... arigato

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    Welcome to CS

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    Welcome to CS. ^^

    You are encourage to read more online, and join some newbie outings under the Outings subforum.

    Good start here:

    Camera basics


    Landscape Photography

    Street Photography

    Basic Night Photography Tips

    More topics covered here:
    Understanding Stops and Exposure

    Buying Guides for Newbie

    Singapore Camera equipment price guides:

    Newbie guide to buying lenses:

    Newbie guide to buying DSLR:
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