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Thread: yet another noob alert :)

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    Default yet another noob alert :)

    hi all - just got my first digicam [canon g5] - after many years of a camera-less existence and this is my very first post. i hope to hang out here, learn a bit and maybe contribute if i can though i cant really see myself making much sense of anything given that i know next to nothing about photography - so i'll be learning more than contributing
    ok on to something to learn - the battery of my canon dies after about a day of usage - in which i get in about a hundred shots - half the time with the lcd screen in the off mode. the cam is brand new so i assume is the battery - what could be the problem?

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    1 day usage isnt that bad. besides, the batt is new. it take a few cycles before it works at full capacity.

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    hi headless, seems like i may have screwed up - called the shop where i bought the cam from and the chap who served me asked if i had charged the batt for up to 9 hours initially--big ooops
    i charged the batt until the green led came on which is not good enough for a first charge. so....


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