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Thread: Noob question: EOS60D Kit II or III?

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    Question Noob question: EOS60D Kit II or III?

    I chanced upon this site from search engine and found that this forum provide very good information as well as advice from members here.

    I am thinking of getting the 60D but not conclusive on which kit to get.

    Should I get Kit II (18-135mm) or (18-200mm)?

    Does the different in zooming from 135mm to 200mm make any significant different?

    I came across a site which demo photo from 18mm to 200mm. After 135mm zoom, the image only zoom in a bit say for 20%.

    I thought the different would be significant when zoom in from 135mm to 200mm.

    I may be wrong.

    I couldn't find more comparison info on the net.

    Could bros and sis here give me some advice? Or point me to a site that tell the different of the two lens.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to CS
    Apart from the focal length difference, the 18-135 yields a better IQ over the 18-200

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    Default Re: Noob question: EOS60D Kit II or III?

    Welcome to CS!

    Good to read more online, join some outings to follow the Masters, shoot more and share more.
    Some useful links that you can see....

    Basics of camera operation:


    Flash photography

    More topics covered here:

    Newbie guide to Filters

    Singapore Camera equipment price guides:[/QUOTE]

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    Default Re: Noob question: EOS60D Kit II or III?

    Welcome to CS...
    Canon EOS 60D | EFS 15-85 IS USM | EFS 18-55 IS | EFS 55-250 IS | EF 50F1.8II | Nissin Di622 Mark II

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    Default Re: Noob question: EOS60D Kit II or III?

    Maybe you can go to Canon @ Vivocity and try out the 18-135mm and 18-200mm. They mount these lenses on the display cameras there... Something to take note and read up on is zoom creep problems of the longer zoom lens - meaning the lens will "zoom" (extend) by itself when pointing downwards...

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    If budget no problem, Kit III
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    Default Re: Noob question: EOS60D Kit II or III?

    TS, IMO, Kit II sounds good to me as a travel lens as most of the time when you shoot something, you will not be at the end of the 200mm (unless shooting something really far, e.g. Birds? for birds, you will probably need something like >300mm). For me, most shots taken are under 135mm.

    Despite me saying these, I have only owned a 18-55 and 55-250 (I really wished I own a 18-135 instead of the 2 lens). In which when I mount the 55-250, it's mostly at ~80 - 100mm, this really depends on ur shooting preference.

    Regarding the IQ between the 2 lens, you can do more reading on or
    Thou I did hear about the 18-135 having better IQ. If IQ don't matter, any of the 2 lens will do fine.

    Before reaching a conclusion, please do the following stuffs
    1) know ur budget
    2) read the reviews, know what's the pro/cons of the 2 lens (in short, do ur homework.)
    3) try out the lens at the shops (get the "feel" of the lens, see which lens feels better in terms of length, weight etc)
    4) think thru and do the balance of pro/cons between the 2 again, then make ur buying decision.

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