I'm Sec 3 this year, 3 more days till I turn Sec 4 but let's just ignore that.

I intend to give it a shot at DPA and I'm going for Temasek Poly Visual Communications.
But the problem I'm having right now is I'm not quite sure how it will go, as in what procedures.
Will I just be submitting a form there then offer incense to Lord Buddha everyday? (not that I'm Buddhist though. Ok irrelevant)
Or will I even get the form?
Perhaps I have to go there myself and apply?

Then what happens when I apply? Surely they'll ask for portfolio and stuff right? If not then it's not DPA anymore.

And if they call me up for interview, what happens there? Presentation? Questions?
Will it help if I hold a position in my school's Media Club?
Or that I have leadership skills since I lead teams every event?

Oh and by the way,
A lot will probably say I don't have the right attitude in asking for help. Yes, I get that a lot. But please understand, it's just that the way I talk online sounds rather fierce, or rude, whatsoever. What others read from my texts are usually different from the tone going on in my head when I type them out. Thanks