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Thread: Investing money

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    Quote Originally Posted by flowerpot View Post
    Singapore best to invest in property... unfortunately not everyone got the money to do so... if you have good for you...

    buy gold/stocks... i see my colleagues monitor the prices everyday... i dunno they are knowledgable or not, either yes or they rely on others to tell/advice them what to do... and in most cases they dun make a lot and still worried so much... to me its no difference in placing a bet... of course there are ppl who made a lot money, but if so easy many would have done so...

    or can invest in yourself... upgrade your skill/knowledge.. education has always been 1 of the best investment ever...

    for me... after cpf deduction... give parents/pay bills/diapers/milk powder/basic monthly expenses/insurance... not much left really... and these are use mainly for emergencies savings/kids future education/yearly holidays if any and of course some BBB ... so im counting my days when i grow old/retired my cpf funds is enough of not... which i doubt it...
    Stocks - yeah, this somewhat like a hobby. Most folks dun make much. You win some, you loose some. BTW, I do not know anyone who has made lots of money there.

    After expenses, not much left really - same for most folks here. But, IMO, do not buy insurance! Let me explain. Go buy those protection plan for accident, for health care and illness. But dun buy insurance as a form of saving. We have got an enormous chunk of our salary [our part and employer's part] locked up in CPF. That is a mandatory saving, locked up to 55yr old, now extend to 62 and even older to 65 or even 67...... So, why do you need to have some fixed savings in the form of some saving+protection insurance plan. Well, to me, CPF is already helluva lot of savings. I prefer to spend my money NOW or next year, but not locked up in an insurance plan for 10years or even 20years.
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    Invest in yourself. get another degree....or a hobby that makes money.

    Why put the money in someone's else pocket

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