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    Default Adobe Photoshop World - Asia 2004 Preview

    Since I have been posted to KL recently, I attended the Adobe Photoshop World Asia in KL today. Everyone that attended got a copy of 100 Hot Photoshop CS tips

    For those interested, the looking thru the lens section was presented by Peder Engrob and Aaron Tavakoli. Peder was the more polished presenter with useful examples esp the use of curves for colour correction.

    I found Aaron's presentation unpolished and most of his examples not really relevant to photographers. You might find his example useful but I did not. He should also brush up on his photoshop before getting onto stage. sigh..

    There was only time at the end for one question in the end before the lucky draw. First prize fo the lucky draw was what esle but Photoshop CS, 2nd prize was a training voucher, 3 and 4 prizes were Wacom tablets and 5th prize was Photoshop Album.
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