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Thread: Hey CS Mods, what gives?

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    Default Re: Hey CS Mods, what gives?

    Quote Originally Posted by riotvan View Post
    ok, short and simple.

    we think this is happening to night86mare's account and we're wondering why:

    explanations, maybe?
    OMG didn't know such thing exist.

    It will be sad to know if such thing were to really happen here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yapster View Post
    Like allen mentioned, i seriously hope it's not a hack.

    And yes, it is super childish for one to do so, given the fact, people here respect the mods.

    The mods have make many events happen for the members and most members are happy here.

    Definitely cannot have black sheep (s) in the mod team.
    I share the same view.

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    Default Re: Hey CS Mods, what gives?

    I will take the next speculation a challenge to the ClubSNAP Admin.

    Thread Close.

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