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Thread: Any good PhotoShop books for photographer?

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    Default Any good PhotoShop books for photographer?

    As above.. Need some good recomendation.

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    Default books

    Adobe Photoshop CS: Photographers' Guide
    by David D. Busch

    Quite a good book, this is the updated version , I used the photoshop 7.0 version of the book, but to the point and easy to folllow. Check out:

    Hope this helps!


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    Check out Photoshop CS for Digital Photographer by Scott Kelby. One of the best I have ever come across. Techniques range from intermediate to very pro. Costs about $60+ from Kino. Highly recommended .

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    Thanks guys... keep them coming. Will be going to Funan to c if the shop (the 1 that sells book) have it.

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    Can see my previous posting....

    I bought the one from Martin Evening. I had compared this with Scott Kelby and found out that Scott Kelby doesn't cover the basic stuff (i.e. he assume the read had some experience with PS)...

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    scott kelby's book is more of a how-to reference. very good even if you know know much about photoshop. martin evening's one may be a little too overwhelming for most newbies.

    anyway both are available at funan book store. highly recommended.


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