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    Question cheap filters

    Hi all, would like to know if getting cheap filters off ebay (GreenL massa etc), will damage the lens of the DSLR?

    Damage meaning, everything regarding the lens and inside the mechanisms of the lens/DSLR and/or lens thread etc?

    Let's rule out the criteria of lower image quality. Cos' i'm just concerned on the physical and mechanisms within the lens and body.

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    Have you checked how filters are attached to lenses? It's pretty much the same screw thread, regardless whether $5 vitacon or $100 B+W. What kind of damages do you suspect here?
    The most likely cause of problems is the human factor: stacking filters, screwing in misaligned and damaging the thread, careless bumping into other objects...
    Apart from that: cheap filters area a waste of money. They offer no use but chances for problems are good: image degrading, flare .. Get a good one or learn to be careful.

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    yes i've checked on how filters are attached to lenses.

    ohright thank you

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    Don't think it will cause any damage to the mounting screw threads, unless its some untested cheap home-made filter that hasn't gone through any QC... haa haa
    Don't worry, its just a filter, what harm can it do right?
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