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    How do you get nice colour photos of sunset skies? What kind of filters do you need?

    I tried taking some with my G2, but the colours seem washed-out...nothing like the real thing. Decreasing the exposure doesn't help as the colours are still washed-out, only dimmer. A polariser doesn't improve things much either.

    I've seen a couple of stunning sunset/sunrise photos taken by G2s on PhotoSIG, so it can't be the limitations of the camera.

    Hm any of the pros care to reply?
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    try taking at different angles.... the polarising effect is most enchanced with the sun at 90 degrees to your view.... also trying taking during early morning or late evening

    additional info: if u are doing black & white, just use a red filter

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    90 degrees? you mean point the lens directly at the sun?

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    Originally posted by rumraisin
    90 degrees? you mean point the lens directly at the sun?
    no. you point 90 degrees away from the sun

    just keep trying different angles, u will get there. besides u r using digital, not satisfied then delete and try again at different angles lor


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