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Thread: Fuji FinePix S5000 or S7000?

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    Default Fuji FinePix S5000 or S7000?

    I've had many digital cameras but most of them were pure CRAP because I never knew anything about the different features. I just wanted lots of megapixels in a sleek design. But ever since I was recruited as the school photographer (I use a Nikon D100) I've gotten more informed about the hundreds of features a digital camera has to offer. I would LOVE to have a D100 or some other professional DSLR camera for myself, but I just can't afford it. The maximum I'm willing to spend is 400 dollars. I've been looking around for SLR-type DigiCams that feature manual controls and so far I've been in love with the S5000. But it has limited features (only 2s shutter!) and the image quality is not supposed to be that great. The S7000 has many more features that make a bit more professional. And it boasts an amazing 6.3 megapixels with CCD technology. But it costs around 150 dollars more (I can get it for 380 bucks) and it is one of the more bulkier cameras on the market. I was also worried about the shutter lag on the S5000. I HATE shutter lag more than anything. That's why I love the D100 so much. It shoots the 10th of a second you press the shutter. And it has the amazing shutter sound I love SOOO much on SLR cameras. Another thing I dislike about the S5000 is the fake focus ring on the camera. I'm an uber-manual focusing kind of guy and I NEED that manual focus ring. I dont know if the ring on the S7000 is used for focus or zoom, either way would be fine. I am really fascinated by the 230,000 pixel, 0.44 inch viewfinder on the S7000. It must feel like a real SLR. The only thing that I'm worried about is the size of the S7000. I mean its really big for a camera I'm going to take with me on trips. The S5000 seems a little more compact. I'll also need to attach a UV-Filter, but the lens adaptor ring for the S7000 costs 45 dollars. It comes bundled with the S5000.

    I still have a about 3 months to decide (Most of my financing is covered by my birthday....I'm turning 15)

    If any of you own the S5000 or the S7000 I have some questions for you. If you know a lot about these two, please help me decide!
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    s7000 for $380


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