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Thread: smallest space for studio setup?

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    Default smallest space for studio setup?

    hi, my company is moving and in the new office, we might want to set up a space for a studio shoot. We are only going to shoot products for this space and the largest piece of product to shoot will be a full length dress (1.6m). Based on 35mm DSLR witha 1.6 or 1.5 x focal length, what will be a good space to work around?

    We might get seamless paper for this set up, and a product shoot tables with 2 or 3 500w lights, soft boxes etc.

    thanks for your input!

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    anyone? was thinking to use the 50mm for dress shots.

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    worked out with Ruby photo this evening, i need at least 4m lengthwise cannot use 50mm somemore, i need a 35mm to work.


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