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Thread: please recommend place of interest in laos..

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    Default please recommend place of interest in laos..

    next month planning go to laos ...
    a photography trip. but the things is , i have no idea where can i travel.
    start from where to where....

    anyone ......
    guys out there been there before.... mind share some experience with me.

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    Default Re: please recommend place of interest in laos..

    how are u arriving into Laos ? if you are arriving into Vientienne, the capital city would be good because its also the country's travel hub from which you can connect or bus to other towns in Laos

    in Jan i strongly suggest a few days in Luang Prabang .... World Heritage listed area its so beautiful in both landscape and culture............. great cool weather too
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    Default Re: please recommend place of interest in laos..

    Hello steven85.
    Firstly, welcome to ClubSNAP.
    A group of us good friends went on our Laos trip in Feb 2010.
    It was not a long trip and we spent about 5 days.
    Did Luang Prabang and its surrounding scenic destinations for photography, and then to Vientiane for a day for photography before flying back.

    We flew in from KL as there was no direct flight from Singapore, and then flew back to KL before taking another flight back from there to Singapore.

    Luang Prabang
    A smallish town, this is not that big.
    In fact the more well-trodden traveller's main road is only that one main road along Sisavanvong Road.
    If you read some of the well-written travel books like Lonely Planet, some of the must-see, must-shoot sites are:

    • Wat Xien Thong - one of the biggest wat
    • Pak Ou Caves - by slow boat from just behind the Royal Palace in Luang Prabang
    • Sunset at Mekong River - also around and behind the Royal Palace
    • Tat Kuang Si water fall - beautiful waterfall with primary and secondary falls.
    • Ban Xiang Hai - a small little village off the Mekong that produces wine.
    • Phousi Hill - for a panoramic view of Luang Prabang
    • The Night market along Sisavanvong Road
    • along the main road, there are many more smaller wats that are good to visit and shoot.
    • don't forget to attempt to shoot the monks and novice monks walking along the roads with their signature umbrellas. But they are very very camera-shy.
      And one has to be really discreet, and I think in a way, respectful of them in taking their photos.
      If they are not comfortable, it is only right to just give up that very scene and not shoot... for there will always be another chance.
    • Another very good scene for shooting is the early morning 5-6am Morning Alms Collection by long lines of monks along the main road.
      For this, again, one has to be respectful and keep a certain distance to photograph the monks, instead of being in-the-face like what some photographers tend to do.

    The above are the places we went and shot.

    Vientiane (pronounced Weng Chiang)
    Well, I can't say too much about Vientiane as we only spent one night there.
    But the good places to visit and shoot are:

    • Pha Tat Luang - the golden temple... really beautiful. But it was a pity as we were 5 minutes late of the closing time at 5pm.
    • Pattuxai - the monument of liberation right at the central

    Laos is very French-influenced. And you will find actually quite a lot of French tourists in Luang Prabang, to our surprises...
    It sort of made the place appeared so much more touristy than we would actually liked it to be.
    But of course, the French influence can be seen, felt and experienced in some of the French eateries and restaurants - which we did.
    And being so small, one doesn't really need to spend too much time in Luang Prabang. About 3 days should suffice.

    There are many other places in Laos that can be visited like the Plain of Jars and more.
    But just that our itinerary were focussed mostly on Luang Prabang and Vientiane.

    You may like to check out our thread here:

    Our Laos Thread

    Hope these help a little.

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    Default Re: please recommend place of interest in laos..

    I love Luang Prabang for its chillout laidback feel. Definitely recommended. And if u prefer less touristy places, check out Muang Ngoi. Really back to basics with little care in the world

    And if u have enough time, and want to venture further north, Luang Namtha, Muang Sing and Phongsaly are all great places for hiking and taking a look at the ethnic tribes of Laos. But be prepared for long journeys on boats and poor roads. Perhaps things are better now, I dunno

    Enjoy Laos!


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