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Thread: WTSell: Lens - Tamron (CanonMount) Tamron (CanonMount) 200-400mm AF LD F5.6 Constant Zoom

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    Default ombre WTSell: Lens - Tamron (CanonMount) Tamron (CanonMount) 200-400mm AF LD F5.6 Constant Zoom

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

    Equipment Type: Lens
    Equipment Brand: Tamron (CanonMount)
    Equipment Model: Tamron (CanonMount) 200-400mm AF LD F5.6 Constant Zoom
    Price (S$): $380 current offer, $500 straight deal
    Alternatively, you may negotiate with me (slightly off $500) for a straight deal offer if convenient. Currently have another offer for $380, deal in a week's time.

    For sale here is a very good copy of the Tamron 200-400mm AF LD F5.6

    Its a constant aperture super-zoom, with auto-focus!

    This has probably got to be the best 400mm lens in the auto-focus category for canon systems. Any better would probably cost you from $500-1200+ more depending on whether you're considering the Sigma 400mm F5.6 or Canon's 100-400 or 400mm F5.6 L lenses.

    On a cropped body, I find it sharp corner to corner from F7.1 onwards at 400mm. This is using a 100% cropped pixel peeping standard. The objects I tested on were some 40-60m away (buildings 2 streets away). Really impressive. Highly recommend for a budget user who wants to enter the super telephoto field.

    AF is not too bad, not USM standard, but fast enough. Afterall its only about a 45 degree focusing cycle. Fast enough on my 40D to take grabshot candids.

    At 1260g, its certainly hand-holdable in most daylight condition. Usually bump up the ISO to 400-650 though. This lens is still significantly lighter than the 70-200mm F2.8 + TC I tried with my uncle's system. At F7.1, the difference is sharpness is not distinctive enough for me to justify the price.

    At 200mm, this lens is supposedly sharp at F5.6. I generally agree, but seldom shoot at 200mm anyway, 200mm is not the main reason I have this lens. But its good when you so happen to be closer than usual to your subjects, beats a prime.

    Comes with a nice hood and tripod ring.

    Selling because I may have over-estimated my need for a long lens, trying to reverse some impulse spending.

    Condition 8/10 for exterior, but well kept nonetheless.
    Glass probably 9.5/10, clean and clear.

    I'm open to all offers, just quote me your budget and we'll discuss the price.
    Though note that I'm not urgent to sell this, its a good lens to keep until I can find a better user for it.

    Tripod Ring

    Real Name: B

    Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 9
    Warranty Status: -

    Will update in another 3 days. Thanks guys.
    Looking for Canon 100mm F2 USM :)

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    Default Re: ombre WTSell: Lens - Tamron (CanonMount) Tamron (CanonMount) 200-400mm AF LD F5.6

    Lower my BNP to $480.
    Looking for Canon 100mm F2 USM :)

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    Default Re: WTSell: Lens - Tamron (CanonMount) Tamron (CanonMount) 200-400mm AF LD F5.6 Const

    Deal done. Closed.
    Looking for Canon 100mm F2 USM :)


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