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    Gosh has it been awhile since I last posted but I've been crazy over my iPhone's camera ever since I got hold of the new iPhone4 and the amount of apps available is just amazing... Lotsa good ones and it does make photography fun, to me at least. Here're a few recent ones.

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    Please share yours if you're as addicted to iPhoneography as me.
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    Some of the photos colours abit fading, probably because it's using a mobile phone camera cant expect for much.. esp for the first photo but for others, the photos r quite well composed n framed. Well done!! =D

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    haha thanks. First, and some other were processed with more than one app but I guess that's how it's supposed to look.. the filter used I mean. I am loving the apps la.... haha.

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    processed by more than one app? wow, that explains how compressed it is. I like your fifth picture, gives a smooth feeling

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    Got feel wor!


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