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Thread: Printing large - where, and what?

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    Default Printing large - where, and what?

    Hi all, I just got back from beautiful hanoi with pics from halong bay and the caves. I'd like to print large photos and mount them around my house.

    My question is - should I be looking at printing on paper and then displaying them in a frame, or should I be printing them on canvas?

    And my second question is... who does it? I'm talking panoramic printing, possibly 2m wide.

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    Default Re: Printing large - where, and what?

    Can try AVS. Cost ard $30/ft. Haven't try it myself though. You can go to their place and browse some of the samples.

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    Have you tried Bras Basah Complex?

    Canvas or paper alters the colors and to make things more difficult, there are different grades of them.

    Museum displays are usually canvas while those outdoors display one are usually paper.
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    You may want to try RGB Colors located at Kallang.

    Am doing my prints; 50x50cm there which is on paper with good support from them. I dont think for your 2m+ would be a problem for them...

    They do samples printing to confirm what you want before proceed to the 'real' one.

    Nice ppl there and check them out.

    Or you may want to contact Alan Tang - 6392 5355 for further information.

    Cheers and good luck!

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    If you don't mind Canvas then you can try . Its pretty well done when i did mine some time back. Though I opt for smaller print. But from my understanding they do print large format printing onto canvas. The best thing about canvas is, its already framed and can be clean easily with wet cloth.

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    Funan IT mall #04-16


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