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Thread: Any recommended TCM for chronic hives?

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    Default Any recommended TCM for chronic hives?

    Hi all,

    recently in the last 3 to 4 months I have been developing hives and has been on anti-hisamines to try and control it. Anti-hisamines can only cause them to disappear for 2, 3 days and they keep re-surfacing again. Am thinking of trying Chinese medicine and herbs, or even acupuncture to see if it will go away.

    Has anyone had any success with any traditional Chinese physicians and successfully cured your hives? If so, would appreciate a recommendation of your physician.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Any recommended TCM for chronic hives?

    i know one famous one at pandan gardens. works from home one. always long queue... u could try him

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    Default Re: Any recommended TCM for chronic hives?

    TS, have you seen a dematologist for your condition? Some hives outbreaks are caused by allergens, and if able to find out which is causing the outbreaks, might find some respite for your condition. Though some aren't.

    Hope you find a better long term solution soon! Can be very frustrating.
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