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Thread: WTSell: DSLR - Canon 550D + 18-200 IS * brand new*

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    Default coolsky WTSell: DSLR - Canon 550D + 18-200 IS * brand new*

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

    Equipment Type: DSLR
    Equipment Brand: Canon
    Equipment Model: 550D + 18-200 IS * brand new*
    Price (S$): 1750 (minimum) and above.
    Decide to sell them as a set instead of separate sales

    550D - bought for only 3 months. Still have 12 months of warranty left. Condition - 10. Screenguard on since Day 1. Always cleaned after usuage and kept in Dry cabinet when not in use.

    18-200 IS - totally brand new set. Not used even once. Part of 60D kit lens set.

    This is a good combination for those who are just starting out, a good body and a very good range to work with. If you get them individually from a local shop with warranty, will be >$2000. So I think this is a fair price, pls do not offer ridiculous prices.

    A lot of people ask for the kit lens 1, but stating from experience, the 18-55 lens is not a good starting lens set and you will probably end up upgrading after a while.

    Comes with all accessories from their original boxes. Extra original battery will be included in the package.

    Real Name: CS
    Contact Number: 98250536

    Condition of Item (as per guidelines): Mint
    Warranty Status: many many months

    1) Canon brand new OEM tripod, capable of holding up this set confortably @ $65.00
    2) Canon 5MDH black/lime green, 2 buckle & silencers @ $100.00. Condition: Mint/10
    3) Canon brand new OEM bag black/red EOS @ $35.00

    Priority will be given to those buying the entire package.

    Looking to deal by tomorrow (Wednesday) as I will be out of town pretty soon.

    Additional Comments:
    Please do not ask for photos as both items are almost brand new in terms of appearance. See to beleive.

    Meetup @ city hall area.

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    Default Re: WTSell: DSLR - Canon 550D + 18-200 IS * brand new*


    Body tentatively sold.

    Lens is still available at >850. To clear some confusion, I will mention it again
    This lens is part of the 60D package and is not opened/not used at all. So it's 100% free from dust, fungus, cosmetic defects or any other sort. It will come in it's original packaging with the warranty cards and such.

    If you purchase the 18-200 IS directly from the shop, it's going to cost you slightly above 1000. So if you are looking for a totally brand new lens at a hundred odd cheaper, this is the one for you.

    If anyone who is keen to purchase the entire set, it is still available =)


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