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    I'm new to flash photography and have 2 questions.

    1) When do you use the bounce flash and when to use diffuser.

    2) and for diffuser, do I point it upwards to straight towards the subject?

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    bounce when there are walls/ceilings nearby. diffuse in open spaces where bouncing is impossible.

    i am not a fan of flash photography (mainly because i have not bought a flash yet), but i would generally bounce upwards when indoors. (this, when i was using a white card to bounce the built-in flash). diffuse, i would say at least at a 45 degree angle.
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    1) Bounce if your indoors with a celling level maximum 4m (around there). Outdoors or high cellings you can use a bounce card

    2) Depends on what kind of diffuser.

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    1 more thing to add on...make your your ceiling is white or close to white or else your flash colour will be weird...if it's a black ceiling...don't bother

    as for diffuser...depends what type you are using...
    the stofen omnibounce type is point at 45 deg while the lambency type of flash diffuser is pointed upwards for softer lighting

    (seniors correct me if i'm wrong i'm not an expert too )

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    Even in open space you still can use bound flash using the bound card...


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