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Thread: Fast lenses no more?

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    ehhh... just realized that I have been very OT. So sorry about it.

    btw, to me faster lenses are necessary for big games. Simply raising ISO is not a viable solution in many cases.

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    Allow me to open a new thread for this discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckiang
    And till today there don't exist a ACDSee-type software for viewing RAW images at 100% and beyond or fullscreen as quickly as JPEGs.
    Actually Nikon View does do what you stated above. heh not sure if there is a Canon equivalent. Of course speed of loading a 100% picture is slower than jpgs - you have to load more MBs of data, just like speed of loading a hi res jpg is slower than a low res one. but if you're talking abt viewing thumbnails and a draft version of the image (aka at around 16% of 6mp?) it loads as fast as a jpg and works like ur ACD-See

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jed
    Evolved would be a bit of a generous description.
    Yep. Basically just beating around the bush.

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