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    Lightbulb loyal

    how would u feel if ur lifestyle is such that u r more or less a "loyalist"?

    ie more or less like:

    - year in year out eat the same foods
    - forever do same kind of exercise
    - forever buy/wear same brand/colour/type of clothes/bag/accessories
    - "forever" maintain the same kind of hairstyle
    - always aim for the same brand of electronics
    - always aim for the same kind of handphone (nokia? kekeke)
    - always read the same kind of books
    - forever sleep late
    - forever wake up early
    - always go to the "same" place for tour/travel (my sister went to jp for 4 times already)
    - always shoot the same film
    - never want to change brand
    - always watch the same type of movie
    - etc..

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    my decision stands...'re psycho!

    cant wait for you to get a job

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    hmmmm.... i guess majority part of our lives got changes here and there lar.... but the 'loyal' things that we always do/have are probably the things that makes us unique and different from one another?

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    we are loyal to u, day in day out laughing at home looking at ur post. Enjoy.

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    in the deepest set of the monotonous.
    this is called 'no life'
    so it implies that ya might need or want to get a 'life'.

    ehem! now, are we following the debate?

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    i am a realist. i choose whatever is the most suitable and to my advantage... not much loyalty from me i guess.

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    2nd in line loyal to clive's thread, maybe we can start a fan club ya Einstein?

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    if you fall asleep, everything in life eventually settles into a routine, it depends on the individual to break out of it, that is the challenge

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    is sticking to Nikon or Canon called a loyalist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einstein
    we are loyal to u, day in day out laughing at home looking at ur post. Enjoy.
    Wow one of the most hilarious post i've read these days!

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    Anyway i'm very loyal to my Giordano Lycra-material plain white T-shirts. I have at least 3 of them hanging i my wardrobe now, and to date i've bought countless of them because once one of them becomes out of shape, i'll buy a new one to replace it.

    That's me!!


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