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Thread: Advise on Southern Xinjiang

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    Default Advise on Southern Xinjiang

    Will be making a trip to Kashgar and around the region. planning to go either march or june, Don't really know when is the best season to go?
    Lastly, Anyone has any Good Guide or Agent to recommend?

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    Default Re: Advise on Southern Xinjiang

    Hi there,

    I recommend featured in lonely planet.

    Norther Xinjiang not to missed out, especially the Kanas lake , Hermu, Baihaba village.

    All the best.
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    the best season to go xin jiang is mid sept to end oct....if you only have March or June, than the best will be mid may to early june...after that ..will be hot....March will still be quite cold ...
    U dun really need a guide lah..its very easy to travel in xinjiang...they have bus, plane,or train to most of the major city....
    I fly in to Lanzhou and travel westward passing jia yu guan, dun huang...and took a over nite train to urumqi....than from urumqi got a local 4day tour package to Kanas...and than went back to urumqi...after that took a plane to kashgar....and than book a 4wd for 2days to go tashkurgan (book the 4wd from John's cafe) ...and after that book another 5days 4WD(from John) to cut across the taklamakan desert to reach took me almost 20days for this trip....thru out the whole trip I did not even book a single hotel...just find 1 when I reach the backup plan is sleep at the train stations or some hotel lobby the most...hahaa

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    Going to xinjiang in march is not good.
    North of xinjiang is cold and stil snow and bit wet.
    South willhave sandstorms and weather is not good.
    I would say june july august will be good. How many days and how many of you guys are planning this?
    I hope I can give you more info and help .
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